Czech Bible Intstitute

Czech Bible Intstitute



Czech Bible Institute (Czech Republic)

The Czech Bible Institute exists to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ
and serve the local church through partnering together
to teach and equip faithful men and women for the work of the ministry.


IMG_3146 CBI 300The Czech Bible Institute (CBI) was established in 2012 in Kromeriz, Czech Republic.

The Kromeriz Baptist Church (KBC) has served as the home of CBI since its opening. After sending students from the local church to other Bible schools in central Europe, the church leaders of the KBC realized that something must be done in the country to train ministers of the gospel. Too often students from the local church would study at a Bible school somewhere else in the country or another nearby country, but would not return back to serve in a local church as ministers of God’s Word. At times the students would come back, but with various issues to deal with, because of the inadequate training they received in one of these schools.

With a desire to equip men and women to be ministers of the gospel that serve in their local churches, CBI was established. The ultimate goal from the very beginning has been to train men to expound God’s Word and shepherd the flock of God.


Currently the CBI offers 3 programs:

  • Foundations of the Christian Faith 1 & 2
    (Survey of Old and New Testaments, Practical Theology, Principles of Bible Interpretation, Overview of Bible Doctrines, Apologetics & Evangelism)
  • Pastoral Training Program (2 years)
  • Biblical Counseling Program (2 years)



CBI Students & Faculty, 2016-2017