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Prayer Update – December 16, 2014

“And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us,
and we beheld His glory,
glory as of the only begotten from the Father,
full of grace and truth.”

John 1:14

Dear Prayer Team,

EBTC (Germany/Switzerland) currently has 210 students attending classes in their three locations. In addition, they are launching a course called “Bible Survey Online” geared towards providing a systematic study of the Bible which can be used in local churches. It is based on the Bible Survey curriculum which is taught at EBTC locations. Pray that this tool will be utilized by and be a great blessing to many church leaders and their congregations.

ITA (Italy) has initiated the process of becoming a legally recognized association. Pray that the Lord would go before them and give them favor in the eyes of those who have the authority to grant this standing. Pray also for God to supply the computers and office equipment they need to have an effective administrative base of operations. They are thankful that their office assistant received her religious worker visa, but continue to pray that permission for long-term residency will also be granted.

Recently IBS (Ukraine) has been affected not only by disturbances caused by the continuing turmoil in eastern Ukraine, but also by problems with a nuclear power plant causing significant power outages meaning a lack of heating and lighting in their classrooms. Please pray for the students and teachers as they cope with these challenging distractions and courageously persevere. Continue to pray for peace in the country, and for the believers to flourish in their joy in the Lord through the very difficult circumstances.

Thank the Lord with us for the good start to the Berea (Spain) school year as they began meeting in one centralized location for the first time. The 32 current students come from 22 different churches and from multiple countries, Spain, Portugal and North Africa.

In November, the SCBT (Russia) extension in Armenia graduated its first group of nine pastors. Future workshops and conferences are being planned for 2015 and an Armenian website is being considered. Pray for the ongoing translation of critical resources into Armenian and for future pastoral training opportunities.

Please pray that the Lord would supply needed funds and resources to begin assembling a library at CBI (Czech Republic). The teachers at CBI were greatly encouraged to learn that one of their 2014 graduates is already passing on what he has been taught as he leads a Bible survey class with a men’s group in his local church. Thank the Lord for these faithful graduates and pray that He would use them in a special way in their local churches.

Rejoicing with you in the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The Master’s Academy International