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Czech Gospel Conference with Paul Washer

The Czech Bible Institute (CBI) is hosting an important conference February 11–13, with keynote speaker Paul Washer. The conference will focus on the power of the gospel, the authority of Scripture, and the centrality of the local church. Over 400 are expected to attend—more than twice as many as ever before. CBI faculty will also be speaking from God’s Word, modeling biblical exposition, and raising awareness to draw the next generation of Czech pastors to be trained.


Please be in prayer for this conference and the recruiting efforts. As a keen observer once told the director of CBI, “you are just one class from extinction.” If next year’s class of new students doesn’t arrive, the training center ceases to exist.

Christ Alone cover 400In Christ Alone: The Uniqueness of the Gospel and Its Impact on the World (to be released at the TMAI Symposium, February 27), CBI faculty Lance Roberts and Marcus Denny write:

“ . . . the Czech Republic is advancing on the European stage. But beneath its physical, first-world appearance lies a country in deep spiritual poverty. Centuries of Roman Catholic domination and persecution, followed by decades of atheistic communism, have salted the entire land, leaving behind a poisoned soil in which, spiritually speaking, little will grow.”

This serves to illustrate the need for God’s Word to be proclaimed throughout the Czech Republic, as well as an incentive to prayer. The population of the Czech Republic is estimated to be over 70% atheistic with much of the remainder associating with the Roman Catholic Church. But we have confidence in God’s sovereign power. He who can bring forth streams in the desert and water from the rock (Isa 34:6; Ex 17:6) can even at this hour bring about a spiritual awakening in the Czech Republic.

So please pray for CBI, for the conference, and for Christian churches in the Czech Republic. Our desire through the conference and through our ministry equipping pastors and strengthening churches is that our Lord Jesus Christ be honored in the hearts, homes, and churches throughout the land and among the Czech people.

If you would like to make a donation of any size towards the ministry at Czech Bible Institute, CBI is raising $2,000 to help with costs of their national conference, and another $2,000 to help several key Czech pastors and leaders attend the Shepherds’ Conference in Los Angeles, February 28 to March 3.

To place your gift online, please click “Donate“, or call the TMAI US office at (661) 295-6232.