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TMAI Training in Action in East Asia

Grace Bible Seminary (GBS) continues to make an impact for the kingdom through its commitment to preparing church leaders in East Asia and Singapore to exposit the Word of God. John, a faculty member, shares his experience about his recent teaching trip to GBS’s extension campus in East Asia:

Having returned from a teaching trip to East Asia, I was very encouraged to see the students making vast strides in their training, by applying their classroom learning to their pulpit ministry. One student, Brother Zhang, a 20-year worker in pastoral ministry, aptly illustrates a common story in our classrooms.

Due to a lack of availability of adequate pastoral training, Zhang says that for most of his early preaching ministry he was not able to properly interpret Scripture. He would preach on disconnected topics of his own choosing and he would often receive feedback from his audience that he did not have coherence in his sermons and they were difficult to follow. Even so, Zhang admits, “I was never afraid to step into the pulpit, because I could always find something to say.”

DSC_1535 600Since receiving a year’s worth of instruction in Bible interpretation and exposition, he says he now enters the pulpit with “a healthy sense of fear.” In our preaching lab, Zhang demonstrated that he was able to put his training into his practice.  Utilizing sound methods of interpretation, he preached a sermon that was both coherent and convicting — a significant transformation from his old approach. It’s a joy to see the Lord work in the hearts and minds of the students, strengthening His church through expository preaching.

This is the level of training that GBS provides. Church leaders are learning how to preach the Word of God and they are taking that learning back to their churches and putting it to work. Every portion of God’s inspired Word is made clear to His people, through a literal and sequential approach. Many worshipers who attend those church services are hearing something they may have never heard in church: a verse-by-verse exposition of a Bible passage.

Through students at TMAI’s training centers, God’s perfect truth is being declared to the nations. This is a life-changing ministry, and we are grateful to be a part of it.