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“The Implications of Inerrancy for the Global Church” by TMAI graduates and faculty

Implications of InerrancyThe 2015 TMAI International Symposium marked the debut of a resource months in the making, but perfectly timed for the Body of Christ in the U.S. and worldwide. That resource, a 300-plus-page book titled, The Implications of Inerrancy for the Global Church, was handed out to the nearly 700 attendees of the Symposium.

In many ways, the book represents both the fruit of The Master’s Academy as well as the need for its ministry. Eighteen chapters, all penned by TMAI training center faculty and graduates, and all affirming the centrality and sufficiency of God’s Word for the building and equipping of the saints. At the core of each of those chapters is the conviction that the Word of God is inerrant – that it can and must be trusted in all that it reveals.

God’s Word has always been attacked; secular critics have always sought to undermine its authority by questioning it veracity. This is not new. A more recent and a far more disturbing trend is that those attacks are now coming from within the church. Seeking to find a broader base of support, many seminaries have slid into liberalism, and sadly have even been exporting doubt in the Scriptures to the mission field. Well-meaning pastors overseas, lured away from confidence in the pure milk of the Word, are taught to be skeptical about the Word. The results are devastating for the global church.

For years, TMAI has sought to counter this trend by training a new generation of pastors who can restore confidence in the Word by proclaiming the whole counsel of God through careful exposition. Training centers have emerged on five continents. Hundreds of pastors are being trained every year – each one standing firmly of the inerrant Word of God. Implications of Inerrancy for the Global Church is a seminal resource composed by those men, for those men.

Dr. John MacArthur, President of The Master’s Seminary, wrote the following in his forward to the book:

This long awaited resource, introduces you to the ministry of The Master’s Academy International. TMAI is committed to these historic and fundamental doctrines, training pastors to be biblically literate, able to implement a philosophy of ministry not governed by the dominant influences of sociology and pragmatism. We aim to produce men of biblical conviction and spiritual courage.

The men who have authored the chapters in this volume are such men. Both missionaries and national church leaders trained by The Master’s Seminary, they now serve as seminary deans and faculty around the world. Here, they address matters facing churches within their national context which stem from the affirmation or denial of biblical inerrancy; matters their students must accurately understand and teach.

The book highlights some the fruit of TMAI’s mission. It also demonstrates the need for the men it trains. We pray it encourages those who received it at the International Symposium.

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