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Strategic Partnerships for the Gospel: Owasso

Since we as Christians are one body with many members (1 Cor 12:12–26), our very design is one of necessary giving and receiving for the edification of one another and for the glory of God. Every believer is intimately woven into the fabric of the church, and is uniquely apportioned gifts by Christ for the benefit of all. This unity and interdependent cooperation transcends even the local church, as verses 28–29 indicate. For this reason, mighty works for the sake of the gospel can be accomplished when like-minded, gospel-driven Christian individuals and church congregations come together with a unified effort to reach the world for Christ. We at TMAI believe the single best strategy to reach the world for Christ is the training of expositors to preach God’s Word. And we believe that you can play a crucial role in seeing this realized.

Ted Johnson, pastor at the Bible Church of Owasso, Oklahoma, explains why his elder board partnered with TMAI several years ago. “We had experienced elders who wanted to ensure that our missions investment would be effective and enduring, so we went right for the center of the bulls-eye and decided that our primary goal would be to support the long-term equipping of indigenous pastors.” He recalls the first years of partnership as an especially exciting time for his church. “We wanted to see the ministry firsthand, and we were incredibly impressed by what we saw.”

They began sending teams every year to support the TMAI member schools (Christ Seminary in South Africa and MEDA in Honduras) and the related local churches. The church members who have gone on these trips commonly have had two overwhelming responses. Ted explains, “First, the preeminence of the Word of God and the importance of preaching and teaching is solidified when they see how God is using His Word in these contexts. Second, they realize that, while Christian deeds are good, only the verbal proclamation of the gospel is the power of God unto salvation, and the focused gospel ministry in these training centers and the churches that are related to them really helps people understand that.”

DSC_0633 2013 graduates (600)

Dan Edwards (far right) with faculty and graduates of MEDA in Honduras

A member of the church, Captain Dan Edwards, shares one reason he loves the partnership. “The investment of our little cooperation goes a long way, and the people there are really appreciative. We know our money is being invested well because of the strength of their leadership, the theological integrity, and the genuine character of their Christianity.” He adds, “Supporting this ministry has been a great blessing to me personally. I tend to worry and get discouraged, but our partnership for the sake of the gospel frees me from thinking about me.”

We are grateful for the Bible Church of Owasso and the many other partners who have helped establish and continue to support the TMAI training centers around the world. We’d love to hear from you if you or your church has been blessed by partnering with TMAI, or if you’d like to consider partnering in the future. You can reach us at info@tmai.org.