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Interview: The Best Way to Equip the Church

Travis Allen 260

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Travis Allen. Travis is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary (Sun Valley, Ca) and previously served as the Managing Director of Grace To You — the teaching ministry of John MacArthur.  Travis now serves as the pastor of Grace Church in Greeley, Colorado.

The church needs trained leaders. It needs men who know and preach the Bible. In the following interview, Travis Allen shares scriptural insight into the importance of biblical training on the mission field and how best to equip local churches.

TMAI: Hi Travis. You’ve been involved in international media and theological education for around fifteen years. How do you view the general theological scene in the global church, and what needs do you see?

Travis: The theological condition of churches and Christian leaders around the world, sadly, reflects the theological depth of modern evangelicalism. The superficiality, triviality, and infatuation with innovative ways of “doing church” that dominates American evangelicalism have come to characterize so many of the churches around the world. America has become the chief exporter of bad religion.

What we need today are passionate theologians, men who love God dearly and seek to honor his truth. The world needs men who eschew pragmatism, refuse to take shortcuts, and are eager to embrace the hard, unpretentious work of making disciples of the nations.


TMAI: You are also involved in pastoral ministry. What would you say is the best way to equip local churches?

Travis: We need to do what God’s Word says, namely, preach the Word, every word, and obey the word we preach. In addition, we must train the next generation of leaders. Since the foundation we lay sets the trajectory for our life and ministry, it is crucial to help establish young men on the bedrock of biblical inerrancy, authority, and sufficiency.

TMAI: Thanks, Travis. Before we let you go, would you like to share your personal experience with TMAI?

Travis: I’ve met and worked with many men who are aligned with and commended by TMAI. They are among the best men in the world—biblically intelligent, spiritually discerning, and selflessly serving the Lord. The deepest joys of my life have been sharing ministry and fellowship with them. I couldn’t be more encouraged to see TMAI’s fruitfulness in anchoring churches in the Word of God and making disciples of all the nations.