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How Does TMAI Grow?

TMAI’s growth model has always been the same: See a need, meet the need. Seeing the need is never difficult. God’s people crave His Word. That is something that defines us.

Sometimes, the need is so great that it literally comes to us. The following note is an example of that. It comes from a pastor in Rwanda:

Greetings from Rwanda. Having learnt more about the breadth and depth of your ministry through reading TMAI website info, I wish to let you know that your ministry is most welcome to Rwanda. I therefore submit my humble request to the Lord to enable you for the extension of The Master’s Academy International in Rwanda in order to strengthen existing local churches and promote healing and unity among Rwandans.

Not only have we lost servants during the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsis in 1994, but wounded hearts are still bleeding. These atrocities, which took away a million people in 100 days, were a result of the lack of sound theology and biblical expositors.

As a trained theologian and Bible School teacher, I assure you that through your ministry many souls will be saved.

– Pastor Mathias

Rwanda 600

TMAI regularly receives letters such as this one from Pastor Mathias. Even recently, requests have come from countries such as Liberia, Peru, and the Gambia in Africa. The church leaders who write us recognize that the key factor in the growth of a church is sound Bible teaching, and that means sound pastoral training.

The needs are great and TMAI is only able to meet them through the prayers and support of our partners. Thank you for helping TMAI put God’s Word front and center in pulpits wherever a TMAI training center exists. Your prayers and your gifts sustain this ministry; they translate into strong churches and changed lives.

Because of friends like you, TMAI is able to pursue new opportunities worldwide. Its leaders can respond to the needs. They can help bring God’s Word into communities that desperately need it.