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Missions Mobilization Memo – August 2013

Russia-Flag-32A report from Russia
Samara Center for Biblical Training

[Update–December 18,2013: At present, only $3600 of  the original need remains, or about $300 per month for 12 months. You may still donate to meet this special need.]

Like all TMAI training centers, the goal of Samara Center for Biblical Training (SCBT) in Samara, Russia is to train up indigenous pastors and church leaders in order to strengthen Christ’s Church by grounding it firmly in the authority of God’s Word. This training takes place in two-year Biblical Counseling and Preachers’ Training programs, as well as a three-year full-time Pastor Training track. Over the past 13 years the Lord has graciously allowed SCBT to train nearly 400 ministers of His Word. However, academic training is not the end goal of SCBT’s ministry. The true fruit of training is seen when graduates go on to serve in local churches, faithfully expositing God’s Word and shepherding Christ’s flock. Some students’ place of ministry after training is not known and SCBT then plays a key part in placing graduates into strategic ministry roles after completing their training.

In December, 2012 SCBT was approached by a small group of believers in St. Petersburg with an urgent request to help them find a pastor. The group, which desired to start a church in the sprawling city of 5 million, recognized their need for a trained pastor to lead and grow them, and they knew that SCBT trained expositors of God’s Word. The most qualified man for this difficult task was current SCBT student Alexey (last name withheld for security purposes). Alexey, who was slated to graduate in May 2013 and to return to be associate pastor at his home church in the city of Penza, had relatives in the small group in St. Petersburg. He was a natural fit. When asked to consider this opportunity, Alexey agreed and his home church enthusiastically volunteered to send Alexey to St. Petersburg.

Due to the extremely high cost of living in St. Petersburg, the inviting group and Alexey’s home church are currently only able to provide 15% of the needed support for Alexey’s family. Therefore TMAI partners are urgently needed to help meet the remaining need. $18,000 is needed in order to send Alexey to St. Petersburg and begin the new church plant there.



TMAI invites you to partner with Samara Center for Biblical Training in this strategic church planting opportunity. Since all of TMAI’s administrative costs are covered separately, 100% of all designated gifts will go directly to making this vital ministry possible.

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