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A Christmas Gift for the Czech People

The most significant contribution the church can make to the world is to make known what God has written.

CBI MacArthur OT CommentaryThus writes Lance Roberts, professor of Bible and Preaching at Czech Bible Institute. And he means it. For Christmas, he and his team delivered to the beloved people of the Czech Republic a newly translated, freshly minted first edition of The MacArthur Old Testament Commentary.

This latest development (a massive job) represents CBI’s firm commitment to assist local churches in the important work of teaching and preaching God’s written revelation. From articles defending the inerrancy of Scripture to commentaries covering the whole breadth of God’s word, CBI works hard to make sure that theological resources are available in the Czech language to help the Czech people understand and trust the word of God.

Knowing that this dark and dying world desperately needs the hope that God gives in His word, the task of translation, weighty as it may be, becomes a labor of love. Lance views it as such. In a December newsletter he described the commentary as “our best Christmas gift for the Czech people . . . a treasure that will be used for many years to come.” Elsewhere he writes, “To declare what God has revealed is the church’s greatest expression of love for the world, and the pastor’s greatest expression of love for his sheep.”

Lance and his team worked overtime to make it a special event. One of the students at CBI filled his sleigh—I mean, car—with 300 copies, and traveled all over to ensure that they’d be delivered by Christmas day. Lance’s intern and his wife stayed up until the wee hours of the morning hurriedly packaging over 200 copies to have them shipped out and received by people in time to be placed under Christmas trees for Christmas morning. What could be more exciting than that?

At TMAI it is pure joy for us to relate to you the fruit of the ministry at our training centers. We are thrilled whenever and wherever our God’s word is being made known. As always, we covet your prayer and support. We could not serve the church in this way without it. To God be the glory!